Chapter 1

img_1849One of the most interesting things I have learned in the U.S.A. is the story of Sacajawea. My interest is due to her similitude with La Malinche from Mexico. Although there are more differences than similitudes between this two women, the most surprising contrast is their cultural significance among Americans and Mexicans.

Sacajawea helped to interpret during the Lewis and Clark expedition, she is not only seen as a motherly figure but as a resemble of women’s worth. La Malinche was a interpreter for Hernan Cortes, she is considered a traitor. In fact, the term “malinchista” describes someone who prefers foreign values and cultures and disregards his own.

La Malinche had a son with Hernan Cortes -Martin-who is considered one of the first mestizos. Is in this way that La Malinche gave birth and origin to the Mexicans, this is the reason I named this blog Hijos De La Malinche.

Chapter 1

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