I have always wanted to have something to be remembered for, a book, a story, it doesn’t matter what, all I want is people to know that I existed. I think that is the reason I have a journal and the reason I write in this blog.

I always knew that I don’t believe in God, but It was difficult to accept that this life was all that existed. Once I decided to believe that there is nothing else after death, my desire to make or to create something so people remember me once I’m gone, grew stronger.

I have not created anything that may make my name resound in the world. However, there is an object flying in the universe that announces not only my existence but also the existence of all of us. This object is expected to last for more than two million years, it is the closest thing I have to be remembered for eternity. I’m talking about the voyager’s golden record.

Each of the voyagers launched in 1977 carry a golden record explaining life on earth. So, that maybe one day someone may find it and know that we ever existed.

This record not only contains an explanation of life but also of culture and language on our planet. There are only two things recorded in Spanish; a greeting and a song. The only song in the Spanish language contained in the golden record is from my country, Mexico. And It is in this song, el Cascabel, where I find a little bit of me to be known by for eternity.

I cannot but imagine the aliens who may listen to this song and wish to visit the people that listend to El Cascabel, and that I would be among the welcoming party “zapateando” at the beats of this song and the aliens would ask:

-Where are the tacos?

This month, September, is when I celebrate the Independence of Mexico and I want to celebrate it with you all listening to the most Mexican song that will forever live and for which I will always may exist; El Cascabel.

Viva Mexico!


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